Yogurtland Franchise Cost & Profit Opportunity Review

March 28, 2019

When you begin the process of purchasing a franchise business you have quite a few important factors to consider before you make your final decision. In fact, there may be a few things that you have not begun to even think about. Such as certain fees and how well the company’s growth statistics are.


But let’s start with the main concern, first. Choosing a company of interest to begin researching as a franchise opportunity.


Perhaps one of the fastest growing industries today could be the food industry. If we break it down even further, we find that the frozen yogurt industry is rapidly growing. And with great reason.


These frozen treats are healthy, creamy, and obviously delicious. These shops make for the perfect family night out for ice cream on a summer night. Or for any night, really. Because let’s face it, who can really pass up a dish of frozen yogurt any day of the year? I couldn’t, that’s for sure!


Which is why it makes for such a great business opportunity. If you find the right company to purchase a franchise through, of course. So, let’s have a look at this incredible franchise deal from Yougurtland to find out what they offer and how you can get started on the process of becoming a franchise owner.


Because with a company that’s proven to experience a great deal of growth and has reasonable expectations, you won’t want to pass this offer up. Or at least give in to your desire and check out the details.


So, let’s dive in and take a look at what makes this company stand out from the rest of the frozen yogurt companies. And find out if you would make a good fit for this franchise opportunity.

Treat Yourself at Yogurtland

An exceptional frozen yogurt shop tends to include a variety of unique flavors and toppings to excite new and regular customers. And with Yogurtland, they strive to be one of the best in the industry.

Offering one of a kind flavors that are made uniquely for this store, they are able to bring in a more valuable following. With customers that love and appreciate their service and products. Better yet, their frozen yogurt is completely probiotic and antibiotic-free. So you can enjoy your frozen treat without feeling regretful.


They also offer dairy and gluten-free flavor options for those that are on a more strict diet. That’s the kind of establishment that truly caters to its customers’ desires and needs. And I think it’s an important aspect for this type of business.


With over 200 unique flavors, Yogurtland always has something up their sleeve for everyone’s taste buds to enjoy. And what’s even better is that their strawberry flavor includes real strawberries. None of that fake stuff that you might find at other stores.


I believe that a genuine frozen yogurt shop needs to include both great products and exceptional service. This establishment seems to offer both. So it’s not wonder as to why so many entrepreneurs are leaning more towards this company when it comes to choosing a franchise business.


But is this company the right choice for you? Let’s dig a little deeper and get the scoop on this frozen yogurt franchise to find out if it meets your expectations for a franchise business.

Growing With Dignity

It doesn’t matter how great an actual company is. If their statistics are crappy and the expectations are ridiculous, the business opportunity just isn’t worth it. Luckily, with Yogurtland, you don’t have much to worry about.


Since the opening of this franchise opportunity in 2007, they have experienced a great amount of growth with their company. Something that we would like to see for every company, in fact.


Back in 2010, their total number of franchise locations was 97. That quickly raised to 261 operating franchise locations by the end of 2017. And with a decently low turnover rate of 8.27, it’s pretty clear that this company hasn’t had too many closings.


To understand the full reasoning behind these rates, however, it’s best to speak directly to the company and ask relevant questions to find out what you need to know as a potential owner for this business.


They do give you a pretty decent level of financial transparency once you become a franchise owner for Yogurtland. So you can feel confident in knowing that you are provided with the following details. You’ll receive data on detailed expenses, average revenue numbers that are broken into quartiles, system-wide average revenue information, and the sales numbers of locations owned by affiliates.


You will also have access to extensive training and support from the company. So, if you feel that you may not know enough about how this company works behind closed doors, this training will properly teach you everything that you need to know.


From the looks of it, Yogurtland seems to be doing pretty great in the franchise department. And if you feel the same, then it’s time to move forward and check out what’s required from you to begin your new business.

Requirements and Cost for Franchising

A great franchise opportunity will also have great expectations for you as a business owner. They won’t just accept anyone to run a part of their company. And they will make sure that you are well taken care of in return for being an exceptional partner.


But there are also the normal fees that the company will require from you. Such as the $35,000 initial franchise fee. You will also be responsible for paying ongoing fees that include a 6% (or $1,000; whichever is greater) royalty fee and a 2% advertising fee.

These ongoing fees will need to be paid for your entire term agreement. And speaking of agreements, once you sign on that dotted line, you will be signed into a 10-year initial contact term. With the option for renewal for 5 more years.


By the time everything is said and done, you’ll end up investing anywhere between $298,700 and $693,300. This number can vary due to specific circumstances such as your location.


It can also vary depending on how many franchise outlets you own. But the good news is that Yogurtland will offer you discounts on purchasing multiple units. So if you were thinking of opening more than one frozen yogurt shop, then this might be a good deal for you.


Overall, what they are asking for doesn’t seem to be too bad. The royalty fee is a bit high, but this business still has potential for success. So you may see a great deal of profit from this franchise.

My Take on It

What you have here in front of you is a great business opportunity at an incredible price. The company offers the right amount of benefits and has been seeing a great deal of growth over the years. And that’s exactly what you would want to visualize in a fantastic business opportunity.


As I look at this opportunity for franchising Yogurtland, I see huge potential. I appreciate the fact that the company offers financial transparency. Especially since there aren’t many companies that are willing to do that.


Overall, between the high increase of growth and the low turnover rate, it seems to be one of the better franchises on the market. And if you have the passion for it, then this very well could be the opportunity for you.


But as with any business opportunity, this isn’t going to be all fun, games, and frozen treats. You have to put the work into it to make the business succeed. As you continue the thought of pursuing this company for your new journey, imagine what it would be like for you to own this frozen yogurt franchise.


But remember to also think with a clear head. Because although this business opportunity seems like a pretty sweet deal, there could be a few underlying issues that will make it risky business if you don’t find out every nitty-gritty detail from the company.

Concluding the Review

Frozen yogurt is a sweet treat for all ages. And with so many people beginning to show more interest in these shops, it’s looking like this may be a sweet industry to sink your teeth into. But just as not every frozen treat is made equally, every frozen yogurt shop isn’t made equally either.


There are some shops then seem to fail right off the bat. Just as any business could. Which is why it is so important to do the proper research on a company and its statistics before taking the leap into franchising for them.


When it comes to Yogurtland, however, this seems like a great opportunity with added perks and benefits. And not just the benefit of having great-tasting frozen yogurt whenever you want. So if you are considering a frozen yogurt shop for your new business, this company seems like a great way to go.


But do you feel the same? If you have the sweet tooth to take a trip to Yogurtland, then hop on a phone call with the company to get the full details on this opportunity. And get started on your application for becoming the next franchise owner for Yogurtland.

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