The Habit Burger Grill Franchise Cost & Profit Opportunity Review

March 28, 2019

What could possibly be better than biting into the perfectly grilled burger? Maybe if you were to franchise the perfect burger grill restaurant for yourself? And be able to become one of the most well-known and loved burger joints in your community.


It’s entirely possible when you find an exceptional franchise opportunity, such as the Habit Burger Grill. And with as long as this company has been running their business, you can expect to have a huge following. Or at least, one would hope.


But we can’t base our decision solely on the length of time they have been in business. It’s going to take more to finalize the decision on whether or not this is the perfect franchise opportunity for your new business.


First, do you even like food? Do you even like burgers? Because, although you don’t truly have to be a burger fan to open this restaurant, it’s going to help tremendously if you are. It will show that you share the same passion for grilled burgers as the original founders did.


And you’ll most likely be able to gain a respective following through this passion and dedication. But that’s not the only experience and requirements you will need to consider when researching this franchise business. It’s essential that you take a look at the data and statistical history of this company and its opportunity.


Because not every business is built the same. And, I’m sure you know by now that not every business experiences the same amount of success. That could be for a few different reasons. But whatever the reasoning may be, it’s important for you to understand and acknowledge what these statistics are.


So that you can make a well-informed decision without dealing with instant regret in the end. To ensure that doesn’t happen, let’s have a look at the details of this business so that you can prepare yourself a little better. By the end of this review, you should be able to decide whether or not you want to pursue this opportunity. And if it’s even worth taking a double look at.

The Habit Burger Grill Experience

When you’ve been in business as long as this company, you have the ability to claim to have some of the best burgers in town. It all started back in 1969 in Santa Barbara, California. Where ingredients were always fresh and buns were always baked to perfection.

This fast-casual American restaurant chain perfectly seasons their beef on the grill. While serving it with a freshly baked bun brought in daily by a local bakery. With a premium selection of sides, shakes, and salads, you would be sure that your tummy was left satisfied.


But that was all just the beginning of this incredible establishment. Today, they have a charbroiler made of stainless steel alongside a cast-iron grill that is sure to have that burger you have been craving seared to perfection with smoked flavors.


And it doesn’t stop there. They ensure that every ingredient that goes on the burger is some of the freshest produce directly from California. It’s their quality-first promise and their commitment to making it a habit. So you can feel confident in the products they are serving on your plate.


With this amount of commitment, it’s easy to see why they have been experiencing so much popularity over the years. And it’s no wonder as to why their franchise opportunity has entrepreneurs everywhere looking to open this franchise as their new business. But will it be the right opportunity for you? Let’s check out some of the details on this business opportunity.

Making Moves on This Opportunity

Sure, a great burger franchise seems like a pretty tasty opportunity. But not all opportunities are created equal. In fact, some companies are just plain risky business. Without much growth, there doesn’t seem to be much to go on or view statistically. And that could be an issue.


But although the Habit Burger Grill hasn’t seen a substantial amount of growth, they still seem to be doing decent for themselves. They first opened this franchise opportunity back in 2013. Where they began with absolutely no outlets operating. However, by the end of 2017, they ended up having 13 operating franchise locations.


Between those four years, their turnover rate remained at zero. Which seems like a great thing, right? Possibly.


With a 0% turnover rate, it could possibly indicate that there haven’t been any franchise outlets that closed due to terminations or transfers. And that’s a pretty good rate. Even though the amount of growth has been slow, it still seems to be a decent opportunity.


Especially since they offer training and support to those that franchise with them. The right training can honestly make or break the deal. Because you want a company that will stand by you and works with you to ensure that you understand how the business operates.


So overall, what they are showing as far as statistics and benefits, this opportunity seems to have a decent amount of potential. But what do they expect from you as a franchise owner?

Requirements and Expectations

The requirements for some franchises can be quite extreme. And while they all require basically the same things, there are some differences that you will want to be aware of. Especially the difference in fees.


The initial franchise fee for Habit Burger Grill is decently average sitting at $35,000 due at the signing of your agreement. Your total investment for this business, however, is pretty high. By the time you purchase all of the necessary products and inventory, you will have invested anywhere between $1,123,000 and $1,338,000.


That’s a pretty hefty cost for a burger restaurant. But then again, it is one of the best around. And that investment will get you a 10-year contract as a franchise owner for this company. With the option to renew for five more years after that initial term is over.


During your term agreement, you are also held responsible for ongoing fees to the company. There is a 5% royalty fee and a 2% advertising fee. Both of which are average fees for this industry.


And the good news is, with such a high cost of investment, this company offers refunds under certain circumstances and will also provide you with the territory rights to your franchise location. And that’s not something that you can find with every company offering franchise opportunities. So it’s definitely a good sign for Habit Burger Grill.

And if you are still considering the thought of purchasing a franchise through this company, there are definitely a few things that you will want to ask the company. Such as how often those ongoing fees need to be paid and if there is a minimum requirement for those fees.

Here’s a Personal Opinion

What are the components of what makes a great business opportunity? Is it the success rate? Is it the number of benefits they provide? Or would it come down to the cost of investment? There are quite a few factors that go into what makes a business opportunity so attractive.


But honestly, no matter how incredible an opportunity seems to be, it won’t make a difference if you are not attracted and passionate about the industry and company itself.


And when it comes to the Habit Burger Grill, although there isn’t much growth to go on, I definitely see some potential here. However, the cost of investment is pretty steep. So you might want to find out exactly what makes it so high and what you’re responsible for purchasing for this business. Also, it’s not too great that they don’t offer any finance options. So if you felt the need for assistance in purchasing this franchise, you will have to go through a third-party lender.


But overall, I like the fact that there is a non-existent turnover rate. Showing us that there haven’t been closings. Which could possibly indicate that the current franchise owners are having a good experience with the business.


In the end, the choice is yours and will depend on your exact needs and desires for a business opportunity. However, in my opinion, I see some potential at the Habit Burger Grill.

Wrapping it Up

The fact that you are here considering a new business opportunity means that you are ready to take on a new journey in your life as an entrepreneur. Or maybe you already have experience with franchising or have another business of your own. So, you may already know the ropes on this whole business owning adventure.


Either which way, congratulations for taking the initiative of starting an incredible journey as a business owner. And as I’m sure you already know, no matter how much success the company has already shown, the success of your personal business will depend solely on you.


When it comes to the Habit Burger Grill franchise, there definitely seems to be the potential for a great business. But there could also be some downsides to owning this franchise. Especially at such a high cost of investment. But at least the company provides refunds if you need one for a specific reason.


But overall, you could be onto something here. And since the actual company has been in business for so long, it seems as if they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


So, if you feel a connection with this franchise opportunity, get in contact with the company to find out more information on how you can get started on your application. And remember to ask relevant questions to ensure that you have all of the facts before signing any contracts. If everything checks out, by the end of that call, you may have yourself a new business.

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