SweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt Franchise Cost & Profit Opportunity Review

March 28, 2019

America is filled with opportunities that many individuals take advantage of every day. When deciding on a franchise opportunity, there are millions of opportunities on the market. So, how does one choose? Well, your first step would be to decide on the type of industry you want to purchase into. Next, you would have to narrow it down even more to find a specific company that interests you.


Once you’ve narrowed it down even further, then it’s time to take a look into the details of that particular franchise opportunity. If you have specific values that you are passionate about, it’s important to include those when narrowing down your search. It’s essential that you choose something that shares your passion for creating a fun and inviting experience. If that’s what you’re searching for, of course.


And when it comes to providing a warm, friendly environment, I think this business takes the cake. Or should I say, frozen treat?


sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt is filled with sweet treats and a loving atmosphere. An establishment that can be enjoyed by all ages. And it truly offers something unique. Because sure, there are lots of frozen yogurt places, but this one offers more than just frozen treats. sweetFrog offers an entire experience with a fun mascot and friendly customer service that strives to serve happiness in a cup.


If you feel that you can get into what sweetFrog is offering to the community (which is a heck of a lot), then it’s time for you to consider taking action on this franchise opportunity. Because it is honestly one of the best franchise deals in this industry. But before I get too far ahead, let’s take a look at the actual company and what they stand for as a whole.


Then, you can decide on whether or not you want to pursue this unique and loving opportunity for yourself. Let’s grab the scoop!

sweetFrog has the Sweetest Taste

Frozen yogurt is becoming one of the most beloved frozen treats across America. And it’s no wonder as to why. It’s not only creamy and tasty but it’s a lot healthier than traditional ice cream. So, of course, there is going to be more frozen yogurt shops popping up in the neighborhood. And while there are a few that hold the record for being the most popular, you might want to check out this incredible shop.

sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt is a fantastic establishment that allows customers to create their own concoctions with a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from. Whether you are looking for a light snack or you are wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth with a dessert cup filled to the top, this is the place to go.


And it’s not only the delicious frozen yogurt that makes this shop a top-choice. The entire environment is warm and friendly. Right down to their adorable mascots known as ‘Scoot’ and ‘Cookie’.


Since the opening of sweetFrog in 2009, their mission was to show the community love and support. And to also embrace God’s love for everyone. That’s why they chose to name their company sweetFrog. F.R.O.G stands for ‘Fully Rely On God’. And they intend on implementing their faith with every scoop and swirl.


So, if you are searching for a frozen yogurt shop that has both great taste and a great atmosphere, then sweetFrog is the place for you to visit. Or, kick it up a notch and franchise the business. If the company focuses so much on faith and customer service, they are bound to be offering a magnificent franchise opportunity, right? Let’s get into those details and find out.

A Growing Opportunity

While some companies seem to be lacking in the amount of growth they experience, sweetFrog is definitely not one of them. This company has been offering the franchise opportunity for less than a decade and has already seen a huge amount of growth in the first four years alone.


By the end of 2016, they already had a total of 259 operating franchise locations. And that’s saying a lot for a simple frozen yogurt business. However, the turnover rate is the one thing that shows to be a little concerning. It’s not too high at 9.59. But depending on the reasoning, it could indicate either poor or good health of the company.


Most of the time, you can tell how decent an opportunity is by the amount of benefits they offer. Or in some cases, the benefits that they lack will clue you in that the opportunity is less than ideal.


When signing up as a franchise owner for sweetFrog, you will receive a very high level of financial transparency. And that’s a great perk that you may not have with most other companies. They will provide you with data on detailed expenses, median revenue numbers that are broken into quartiles, average revenue numbers that are broken into quartiles, system-wide average revenue information, and the sales numbers from locations owned by affiliates.


Not only do you receive all of that extra information, but they also provide training and technical support to every franchise owner. This way, you have extensive knowledge on the company and are able to run your new business properly.


I think these are extremely rare benefits that you should definitely consider when making your decision. Because it could definitely be a leading factor in this company’s high level of growth. Indicating that this opportunity may be a great one.

What’s Required From You

So now we know how much the company has grown, what their mission is, as well as the type of benefits you will receive. Now, it’s time to get into what it takes to become a franchise owner for this hoppy frozen yogurt business. And the details may surprise you.


The initial franchise fee for this company is actually quite low, between $10,000 and $30,000. And your total investment cost can range between $90,100 and $439,500. Depending on your location, as well as other conditions, will determine how much your investment will actually be.


Once you finally get accepted and sign your contract, you will be signing into a 10-year initial agreement term. With the option for renewal for 10 more years. And during these 10 years, you will have another added responsibility of paying ongoing fees to the company. A 5% royalty fee for traditional locations and an 8% royalty fee for non-traditional locations. Plus a 1.5% advertising fee.


Now, you’re probably wondering if all of these fees still make this opportunity worth the investment. Well, there isn’t much to worry about when you have the possibility of receiving a refund under certain circumstances. Also, the company provides discounts when you purchase multiple locations. Add in the fact that they also provide you with the territory rights to any and all establishment locations, and I would say it’s still a pretty darn good deal.

Here’s What I Think

As a potential or already established entrepreneur, it’s important to think and act like a successful business owner. That’s where many people forget to begin on their journey. And honestly, it’s the most important part. But when you are in the franchise business, it’s also crucial that you choose the right company that you are passionate about. And to also ensure that the company is in good standing.


When it comes to the sweetFrog opportunity, the numbers won’t lie. It’s clearly a popular franchise and it has been seeing massive growth. And with the amount of benefits, I can honestly see why.


I believe that this company’s mission and passion go well together. And I can definitely see this business continuing on a successful journey. If it continues providing everything they claim to provide, that is.


Honestly, with a company like this and its statistics, you have a great opportunity put in front of you. There doesn’t seem to be much potential for risky business here. And it seems that you can actually be quite successful. Especially with the rise in popularity of frozen yogurt establishments.


Overall, in the end, the choice will be yours to determine whether or not you are a good personal fit for this franchise. But I would say that there is definitely something good here with the sweetFrog opportunity.

Leaping Out

It’s amazing how times can change so much when it comes to the business world. When there was once a time that it was extremely rare and challenging to become a business owner. Nowadays it’s incredibly popular and easier to begin. Especially with the millions of different opportunities available.


SweetFrog is one of the better franchise opportunities that you can actually have a chance at succeeding with. Even though, your ultimate success will depend on you and your level of passion and dedication.


This business comes at a great price with some awesome added benefits to take advantage of. And you wouldn’t want to pass that up. Especially if you believe in the mission that they strive to enforce. This company has an amazing story and concept and the community seems to take a liking to their efforts.


So if you feel that you want to be a part of a growing opportunity, get in touch with the company to receive the full details on this franchise. So that you can begin making an impact on the individuals in your community through serving a tasty treat and a happy, loving smile.

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