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There’s something about time with the guys that men really enjoy. Of course, girls can certainly understand that need as well. And while not all men decide to go on a bro-date to the nearest Sport Clips, they sure enjoy that time to themselves.

It’s not only a relaxing experience for men, but it’s a time to spend with their barber in a sports-themed environment. Every guy’s dream, right? Maybe.

Perhaps what would make it even better is to own a piece of this establishment so that you can be the safe place for men to come and hide to watch Monday night football in peace.

Sport Clips offers an incredible franchise opportunity for those that share the same vision and passion for sports and men’s haircuts. Franchising can be a wild ride; both emotionally and physically.

And sometimes it can cause an overwhelm of stress. Lucky for you, I’m here to give you the rundown on this opportunity so that you can decide if it’s the perfect fit for you. It’s the all American dream.

And you’re about to live it. Are you ready? Let’s play ball!


The Sport Clips Story

There’s nothing like a fresh cut at your favorite barber. Maybe what could make it better is a sports-themed barbershop that tailors to men. Each Sport Clips is themed to have a sports atmosphere with every service named with a sports theme as well.

Seriously; I need to meet the individual that founded this establishment because he knows how to handle business! This type of establishment brings men and one of their favorite pastimes together.

No more going to the local bar, let’s just hit up the local Sports Clips. Wait, too far? Ok, ok. But seriously, this barber shop has what men want and they tailor each service to perfection in the man’s eye.

Need a haircut? No problem.

Need a haircut on the day that your favorite sports team made it to the playoffs?

Now, that could be a problem. Until now.

Now men can relax and enjoy the game while getting their hair cut.

Who says women have to be the only ones to enjoy a relaxing day at the salon?

Between the MVP experience, the triple play, and the extra innings, you’re sure to enjoy your experience at this place. I bet you would enjoy it even more if you were the one running the place.

Talk about a home run hitter.

I think it’s time we bring it home and get into the franchising part of Sport Clips.

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The Press Box on the Opportunity

Just like not every sports team is for everyone, not every franchise opportunity will be made for everyone either.

So how can you tell if this is the best choice for you?

How will you know that you’re making the right decision?

Well, in all honesty, you won’t until you try.

But I can make that decision a little easier for you with the low down on all the details and requirements for this opportunity. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting into and you can decide if you even want to get into it.

This company has been franchising since 1995, so it’s safe to say that they are well-established and experienced when it comes to handling franchising.

In 2010 there were 729 franchise outlets which grew to 1,164 running outlets in 2017. The growth of the franchise outlets alone indicates that this company is a popular choice.

However, that’s not the only thing we have to factor into this. The turnover rate can determine the health of the franchise business and if the rate is too high, it can definitely be a bad thing.

Depending on the reasoning, that is. Sport Clips turnover rate is currently at 6.57, which is cutting it close to being risky. However, it is definitely still in a good range.

Let’s talk about the bucks. And no, I’m not referring to the basketball team. I’m talking money. Cash money. The investment that you’re going to make into this franchise business.

The initial franchising fee for this business is between $25,000 and $60,000. Once everything is done, you’ll be making a total investment of between $200,000 and $370,000.

Neither of those prices is too extreme. Especially for such a well-known and popular establishment. And the initial agreement term isn’t very long either. Both the initial term and renewal term are 5 years.

So in all, it’s a pretty good deal.

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Think about it this way. Everyone already knows what Sport Cuts is, well mostly everyone. So you’ll already have a following and be able to get customers fairly easily.

Which should make paying those ongoing fees a little easier as well. Wait, you didn’t know about the future fees?

Yup, there’s going to be an ongoing royalty fee of 6% and an ongoing advertising fee of 5%. Both of which are a little higher than the competition.

But can you blame them?

They use public figures to assist with advertising. Of course, there is going to be a higher fee.

If that’s a little too much money, don’t worry. They do offer financing and discounts on multiple franchise purchases. Although, you won’t receive any refunds if you decide to back out.

I don’t want you to start thinking that this franchise is all about investing and selling your soul for a business. You’ll be getting some decent benefits with it too.

One of the biggest advantages that Sport Clips offers is financial transparency. There is a high level of transparency with what the company provides.

You’ll receive data on detailed expenses, historical data from previous years, the top performing locations, sales numbers from locations owned by the company, and other important metrics for the industry.

The company also provides you with on the job and in-class training so that you can feel rest assured that you know what you’re doing. Not only that, but you’ll get a computer and technical support as well. So you can imagine that there are many benefits to running this franchise.


It’s a Home Run

Annnndd, it’s out of the park! Or is it?

Overall, I believe this franchise opportunity is excellent. The growth and rates all add up and seem to show the incredible health of the company.

Since it’s been in business for so long, I don’t imagine it going anywhere soon. At least not by the time your 5-year initial agreement is up. Either way, you can definitely see some advantages here with a Sport Clips franchise.

The cost is perfect for the type of establishment, especially with its popularity and reputation.

The only question now is whether or not you’re ready to take the next step. What is the next step?

Well, if you believe that this opportunity is out of the park amazing, then get in contact with the company and start revving up those questions for them.

Gather every possible query that you can to make sure that nothing is left out and get started on your next step on your journey!

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Why I Choose Lead Generation Business Over Franchising In 2019

There is no doubt every small business needs the leads to survive the tough competition. For the small business owners, these leads are the bread and butter, the blood to live.

However, most of them don’t know how to position their selves right in front of their target market. They are aware of increasing their online visibility by putting up a website and spending hundreds of dollars without getting enough traffic.

No business works without traffic. It’s like you want to sell a product a vacant lot, without passersby nor billboards so people can see what you’re selling.

In lead generation, we create these virtual billboards for the clients—the local business owners—to make sure their target market will see them and their product.

By using what the real estate agents do, we’re selling these leads, which are our digital assets, to the small business owners to take advantage and earn income for a better life. In one lead generation site alone, one can earn an average of $500 to as high $2,000 in residual income from a percentage of the clients’ business.

Imagine how much can you earn to multiple lead gen sites operating on the web generating a huge number of leads. Take a look at my first lead gen site I created for a Limo company in Lansing, MI 4 years ago.

It took me around 6 hours creating the whole website as well as ranking it on Google’s first page. Until now, I am earning $750 since 2014 without touching anything on the site in years now.

This is why among all the businesses I’ve been into, I prefer lead generation because of its scalability. But it gives me almost a 100% profit margin with less monthly expenses to run the lead gen sites I own.

Without proper training and coaching from people I trust, I wouldn’t be where I am now. This laptop lifestyle became real just when I had undergone the lead generation coaching program my mentor, Dan, introduced to me.

If you get into the program, you’ll get the chance to learn the high-income skill that gives you the financial confidence you deserve.

Through the skill, you can earn millions without being too sales-y to your clients. That confidence wherein you don’t worry if you’ll get robbed or lose your digital assets because you know how to build wealth pretty quick.

Apart from the High-Income Skill, you’ll get the access for our 6- to 7-figure BLUEPRINT to guide you to your financial freedom by earning passive income, a steady monthly income. It contains the exact steps I, as well as other successful entrepreneurs, have undergone en route to our first million.

To date, I own 100 lead gen sites, earning $50,000 per month in residual income, living in my lofty home in downtown Detroit (incomparable to my small one-bedroom apartment in Wixom).

If you want to replicate my success, go here to get started.

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