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Imagine a life where you owned a coffee spot, where you can grab a refreshing cup of caffeine at any time of the day. Giving others that mid-afternoon pick me up. 

Coffee keeps the world running. Just ask any mother of a toddler living in America. But seriously, I could never imagine life without coffee.

Saxbys offers a wonderful franchise opportunity for individuals that share the same passion and pride as they do.

But every time there is a franchise opportunity, there will be a lot of requirements, detail, and of course, confusion.

I’m here to save you from an extra headache and give you the rundown on this opportunity.

By the time we’re done here, you should have enough information to decide if you want to pursue this opportunity any further. Or if you would just rather visit the establishment as a loyal customer.

Either way, Saxbys is happy to assist you and serve you with excellence each and every time.

So let’s take a dive into this business and find out the truth about this franchise opportunity, shall we?

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Coffee = Life

Are you looking for an uplifting experience that provides more than just coffee?

An experience that you are sure to remember and love for years to come?

Saxbys offers one of the most profound and incredible coffee experiences around. Their mission is to not just serve coffee to their customers, but they strive to provide a good life and excellence to everyone.

Everything from their expertly roasted coffee to their natural smoothies, it’s all perfected for an incredible customer experience.

Although, Saxbys doesn’t really think of their customers as ‘customers’. They aim to know everyone by name and to remember their favorite drinks.

Now that is quality customer service!

If you share this passion for excellence, Saxbys would be an exceptional franchise opportunity for you to consider. There are plenty of good reasons that you can imagine as to why this franchise business would be fantastic.

But let’s just check out the details and requirements for the business and see if you feel the same.


Franchising Saxbys Coffee Establishment

Since beginning the franchise opportunity in 2007, Saxbys has had a total of around 30 outlets open up. There is not too much information on the exact number of outlets that are currently running.

Therefore, there isn’t any information on a turnover rate. Since there is no recorded turnover rate, as of right now, it makes it a little tough to assume whether or not this establishment is in good health when it comes to their franchise outlets.

The current franchise fee is noted at $30,000 with a total investment of between $258,000 and $345,000. The pricing isn’t too extreme especially for the number of years they require for the agreement.

When signing an agreement for franchising with Saxbys, they require an initial term of 10 years and then allow you to renew for 5 years at a time.

Another fee that you will have to be responsible for is the ongoing royalty and advertising fees. The royalty fee is 6% and the advertising fee is 2%. These requirements are decently low compared to the competition but there is not too much else to go on when comparing.

Another thing you should take a look at when checking into franchise opportunities is whether or not the company has been involved in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, Saxbys has been.

Although there is no record of what the lawsuit contained. This may be the major negative and disadvantage to franchising this business. Depending on the reasoning behind the lawsuit.

It’s always crucial that you stand up for yourself and request important questions to be answered. You never want to go into a risky business, especially without the proper knowledge.


Making the World a Better Place – One Coffee at a Time

All lawsuits aside, this opportunity seems to be a decent one. While there is not too much data and details recorded on current running outlets, there are ways of finding this information out.

It’s definitely a good idea to take action for yourself and contact the company to ask more detailed questions about this opportunity. The overall rating of this establishment is decently well, though.

And the entire vision behind the company is something that anyone would and should feel proud to stand behind.

You can be sure that with Saxbys, you are entering into a passion-filled community that strives to serve customers with nothing less than excellence.

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How Lead Generation Business Changes Lives By Creating Big Impact With Lesser Work Versus Franchising In 2019

Tell me which franchising company doesn’t ask franchisees a large amount of money before they give you the authority to use their name for your own benefit and I’ll give you a cup of coffee.

There’s none.

Every franchising business demands a large amount from your pocket for the initial startup in exchange for giving you the power to start your business using the brand they established and worked hard for years before.

The thing is not because you can afford the initial startup nothing follows afterward. Of course, you need to do a comprehensive market research to make sure your products will suit your customers’ taste.

Not only that. The demands it requires every single day as you manage the operations day-by-day from customer complaints to manpower. You do all that.

At the end of the amass efforts you put into this endeavor, you don’t get the full amount you deserve or even less. Why? The franchisors have the right to demand royalty payments, as well the promotional fees to make sure you do well.

According to the latest statistics, only 50% among the majority of the franchisees earn more or less $50,000 per year and only 7% with $250,000 annual income. This figure doesn’t equate to the number of hours you’ve been working for your business.

There’s nothing wrong with franchising. In fact, there are many individuals succeeded in this business model. To me, it’s not a good proposition as a startup business. Especially to the beginner entrepreneurs with low budget to allocate.

This is lead generation business actually. It’s about scalability with a guaranteed long-term business plan apt for people who don’t have the money to start a big business like franchising.

Plus, it gives you 90 to 95% profit margin because you own your digital assets a 100%. You don’t have to pay someone for royalties.

Take a look at my first lead gen site I created for a Limo company in Lansing, MI for around 6 hours, including the ranking on Google’s top page. I didn’t touch anything on the site but I am earning $750 per month for 4 years now. That means I earned $36,000 in 2019 from that site alone.

Imagine how much I am earning with 100 lead gen sites operating on the web right now. Currently, I have $50,000 monthly in residual income. So, in 12 months, I have $600,000 for lesser work (because it’s a passive income) versus $250,000 maximum yearly income in a franchising business. It’s a lot of difference.

Since it promises long viability to the new entrepreneurs, it will last longer. It thrives because there are 30 million small businesses registered and operating across the US and in today’s online marketing demands, the internet won’t go away. It’s otherwise.

As you see, even the biggest online companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber have been earning billions of dollars every single year through aggressive and strategic online marketing.

If you learn the basics of an effective online marketer without being too sales-y to your clients, you’ll possess the High-Income Skill. The skill that pays your bills and your possession anyone could not steal. Because it’s yours for good. The skill that brings your fortune. Your first 6- to 7-figure online business.

When you go through our lead generation coaching program, you will learn the fundamental High-Income Skill and at the same time the exact blueprint that I, as well as other successful online entrepreneurs, have done to make their 7-figures to quit their dreading day job fast.

Go here to get started.

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