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Are you on the search for an appetizing franchise opportunity?

One that takes the cake?

Or in this case, pie?

Well, you’re in luck, because I have the perfect pizza franchise to talk about today. It’s called Pieology.

And while the name might make you think they’re all about dessert pies, no worries, this place is all about that pizza crust and unlimited toppings. Pieology has been franchising since 2012 and has been increasing each year.

Franchising can be a tough situation, and it gets even more challenging when the company doesn’t satisfy your wants and needs. That’s why it’s a great idea to do every inch of research that you can to ensure that the opportunity is a perfect fit.

After all, you are taking on the brand that someone else created and built. Even though it’s your business, you still have certain measures and responsibilities to live up to. Some companies require a lot more than others. And some companies offer more benefits than others.

How can you be sure that Pieology is your perfect slice?

Simple. Take a journey with me through this review and by the time we’re done here, you should have some clarity as to whether or not Pieology fits into your life. Or if it’s going to be another one that bites the crust.

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About the Company: Pieology

Pieology is an incredible pizza establishment that offers more than the average pizza joint. As a customer, you have the choice to create a personalized pizza that fits your cravings. Even better?

They have limitless toppings at the same price as one topping!

How amazing is that? Not many pizza shops will even give you extra toppings at the same price, let along limitless toppings of any kind!

Pieology even caters to those that are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. That’s right; cauliflower crust pizza. Can you say yum?

I love that Pieology is more than the average pizza restaurant. They offer an entire experience rather than just food. It all started with a loving husband that wanted to spend more quality time with his adoring family.

That started out as a small pizza place has grown into the wonderful Pieology that we know of today. An excellent establishment that grows with offering a franchise business opportunity to fellow passionate individuals.

Their motto is that spending time eating with quality people is the only thing more important than quality food. And they have seemed to master this vision completely.

Do you share this same passion and thinking as the founder of Pieology?

If you do then you might want to keep reading to find out all about the franchising opportunity.

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Conditions & Franchising Requirements

It’s time to get down to business. Franchising business, that is. With any franchise opportunity, you need to make sure that you know the good and the bad elements of the entire process.

We first look at the growth of the company’s outlets. With Pieology, they added 62 operating outlets to the business within the first 3 years of opening.

So, by the end of 2015, they had over 60 running franchise outlets. This is a pretty decent level of growth for that short of time. What’s even better is the turnover rate. The current turnover rate is at zero, meaning there hasn’t been any terminations or transfers with this business.

Since the company has only been franchising for 6 years, we can’t really tell much about the franchises that decided on not renewing. We won’t know this because the initial term is 10 years.

But this does indicate that no one has canceled their agreement. So that is definitely a positive when looking at this opportunity.

I know you’re probably wondering about the cost now, right? Because that’s always the one thing that may get in the way of following through with your dream business.

But let me remind you; there is no dream that you can’t make happen. Don’t let money get in the way. Crush that goal and make it happen!

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk money.

The franchising fee for Pieology is currently at $25,000. This is around the normal range for fees in this franchise industry. However looking at the total investment, you will need anywhere from $294,000 to $873,000, which is a pretty wide range and a steep cost.

The company also will not offer any discounts on multiple outlets, no refunds under any conditions, and no financing is available. You are also in charge of a regular royalty fee of 5% and an advertising fee of 2%.

These fees are ongoing and will depend on your gross revenue. Fortunately, these fees aren’t too much higher than what others are asking for.

Don’t worry, there are definitely some perks to owning a franchise for Pieology. The company shares a high level of financial transparency with its franchisees.

When you sign into an agreement as an owner of a franchise, you will receive specific details about company data. These details include mature franchise locations, system-wide average revenue, and sales number from company-owned locations.

The company also offers training and support as well as territory rights to your franchise location. While there may be a few disadvantages, there are simply many perks with franchising this company.


It’s a Pie in the Face

Ok, maybe no one wants a pie in the face. Especially a pizza pie. Maybe a pie in the tummy. Oh yes.

Pieology pizza definitely hits the spot with personalized and tasty pizzas that are perfect for any and everyone. I know I said it before but I truly love and appreciate the fact that Pieology doesn’t charge extra for more toppings. That just blows my mind.

And having the opportunity to own a business that runs on this vision? Pure perfection! So, yes I do recommend this franchise opportunity.

It definitely offers many perks, it’s a decent price, and the requirements aren’t too extreme. If your tummy is growing for Pieology, just pick up the phone and order a pie. Or better yet, pick up that phone and grab some more details on this opportunity!

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Why Lead Generation Business Is Best Versus Franchising To Earn 7-Figures In 2019

Tell me. Who isn’t expecting high returns in business? Everyone expects that. This is why we gauge into business because we want to earn an income whether it’s a side income or the main source of income.

However, choosing between the lead generation and franchising businesses doesn’t take me long to answer that. It’s because the reason is obvious to me.

As an average Joe, I don’t have $$$ and I couldn’t afford the amount needed for the initial startup alone with an average of $100,000 versus a few hundred dollars of the lead generation coaching program. I prefer the latter for that reason.

There’s nothing wrong with the franchising business at all. In fact, there are many people have succeeded in that model. It’s just too much for me though. It’s just a matter of strategy when it comes to earning 7-figures in these models.

In a franchising industry, aside from the costly startup and intense comprehensive market research you need to do beforehand, you need to keep daily inventories, monitoring your staff, and the list goes on.

Whereas in the lead generation business, which my main source of income these days, I don’t have to spend so much of my time monitoring everything because I’ve already set up a system that will make things work for me with less demand on my part.

When you choose to attend our lead generation coaching program, you’ll learn about the systems, as per the advice of my mentor, we use to lessen the time we spent on creating lead gen sites through utilizing the team who’ll take care of it.

Aside from that, you’ll learn how to hone the High-Income Skill that’s making you capable of making more money without being too sales-y to your clients. The best thing is you’ll also learn the EXACT blueprint to build your 6- to 7-figure in residual income through lead generation.

Why is the business so important in the modern online business industry?

Take a look at Uber, Airbnb, and even Facebook. They rely on their online platforms to earn a huge amount of money without physical goods to sell to the world. They simply connect the service providers to their target market by creating the pathway for these parties. Nothing else.

In the lead generation business, aside from its similarity with these big companies, we’re also doing almost the same as a real estate. The reason behind it is the renting out of the leads we generate to deliver to the small business owners desperate for them to earn secured monthly income or more in exchange for the agreed monthly compensation.

Take a look at my first lead gen site I created for a Limo company in Lansing, MI back in 2014. It took me around 6 hours, including the ranking on Google’s top page.

Yet, I am earning a consistent amount of $750 per month until now. Although I didn’t touch anything on the site since then, my income keeps rolling.

That’s for one lead gen site alone. And I have 100 of them generating leads for my clients right now. Imagine the numbers I am earning per month.

This is why it’s possible to earn your first million in this business because you own the entire digital asset as well as your 95% profit margin. You only spend $30 to $50 every month for the lead gen sites to run and that’s it. I don’t have to spend time on the inventories, monitoring people, etc.

If you want to give it a shot, go here to get started.

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