As someone that's invested in 2 seperate franchise businesses before, there's few things that caused me to get out of franchises for good and that's the fact that most of these franchises cost arm and a leg to start and you do realize it's not that scalable.

I knew that the key was creating businesses that earn money for me while I slept but the problem with a Franchise business is that they all require plenty of time every day to maintain and manage the business even if you hire managers in place.

Also your market is limited to your local area only, where as with an internet business like lead generation you can continue to scale the business and work with clients all across the world.

Also the barrier of entry in franchise business is way too low.

You can invest in a Fitness 19 franchise but what happens when someone opens up a Powerhouse Gym nearby, or some other crossfit trainer opens up his or her gym right down the street.

Also there's a lot of overhead to run a physical business, the property tax, if equipment breaks down, you have to pay for the repair, you have to pay for the staff, on and on.

After its all said and done, you're lucky to walk out of there each month with a six figure income.

I ended up spending 16 hour days to maintain a franchise business that ended up making me less money than my previous job.

That's when I started to look for alternatives.

I knew I wanted to capitalize on the internet business craze. To see if the laptop lifestyle was achievable for me.

I did tons of research and the most real thing I found was lead generation for small business.

For example, this is a simple lead generation site I built for my client that makes me $2000 per month. Once these sites are ranked in Google, they don't require hardly any maintenance and so it's pretty much on auto-pilot.

This is the closest thing I found to passive income, sure there's work involved to building these sites and ranking them.

But once they're ranked, you have a piece of digital property that business owners will pay a lot of money for on a monthly basis, because these sites are at the top of the Google search engine and therefore generate tons of high quality leads.

Why I like lead generation over Franchises?

This business model has finally allowed me to crack $30K per month whereas with the Franchise business model I was always stuck at around $10K per month.

Not only am I making more money per month with this internet business today but now I have much more time & location freedom. I have control over my time again.

With a Franchise business, if I left the country for 1 month, I would be scared shit, because even if you get managers, you still need to be present when there's issues that come up.

With this lead gen business I also don't have the issues of saturation and competition that my Franchise business had, because I can virtually build lead gen sites anywhere in the world, work with any client, and it requires high level skill to get to the top of the search engine so not too many people can compete with me.

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