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Is there anything more American than the typical burger and fries meal?

I mean, really. There are many establishments built off of this model and yet some restaurants will always take the cake as being the best.

At least in someone’s eyes.

There will always be arguments as to which restaurant sells the best burgers or has the better tasting fries. As for Five Guys Burgers & Fries, they take it up a notch with the way they prepare and cook their food.

What could possibly be better than their food, you ask?

Well, their franchising opportunity, of course. Which is the whole reason you’re here, right?

Because you’re toying with the idea of owning your very own franchise business that will hopefully be the new beginning of your life. And let me tell you, franchising can be extremely rewarding for you if you do your homework on the company.

Also, you need to be sure that this is something that you are truly passionate about. Because franchising is a big responsibility.

You’re taking on someone else’s brand and business that they built from the ground up.

Now you have the responsibility to keep that legacy living on through your business. So, yeah; it’s a big deal.

But I’m sure you already know that. So let’s get to the real reason why you’re here. To check into the franchise details for Five Guys Burgers & Fries.

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Five Guys Burgers & Fries Overview

While there are many burger joints across America, some are of course better and more favored over others.

When it comes to Five Guys Burgers & Fries, they are most definitely one of the top choices. This is not just a regular fast food establishment. This is a fast-casual dining restaurant that you’re going to love.

Their fresh burgers are made daily and their fries are made in peanut oil (most of the time). They take pride in having the signature and special ingredients along with special recipes that they take to the grave.

Perhaps one of the best things that come from this company is their incredible business opportunity. That’s right. Their franchise opportunist is truly top notch and made to perfection.

Of course, this franchising business won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it really is a pretty great opportunity that you should be looking into.

Unless you’re one of those Americans that hate burgers and fries. Which if you’re here reading this, I’ll go ahead and assume you’re not. So let’s get into the good stuff.


Requirements and Conditions for Franchising

Now is where we get into the fun stuff. You know. The money. Not only paying it but making it as well. But first, we need to find out if this franchise business is even worth investing in.

Like, is it popular enough?

Have there been too many terminations?

Do people even have an interest in this establishment?

Lucky for you, I’m here to give you the complete rundown on this deal.

First, I’ll clue you in on how the growth has been over the years for the current franchise outlets. In 2010, there were already 626 outlets, which is a high number of outlets operating.

And by the end of 2015, that number rose even higher to 813. These numbers may not mean much alone, but when we look at it along with the turnover rate, we can determine a sense of health with the company

The turnover rate for Five Guys is at 9.37, which isn’t horrible for the number of outlets that are operating.

When we take a look at the pricing for franchising this business, it’s about average for this industry. The initial franchise fee is $25,000 while the total investment can be anywhere from $305,000 to $642,000.

This overall cost will be the first of many payments you will be making for this franchise. During the 10-year initial agreement, you are required to pay a 6% royalty fee and 2% advertising fee each year.

There is an opportunity to renew the agreement for 5 years, but there is no recorded cost to how much the fee is. The total of the fees is pretty decent for this establishment, especially for the popularity of the company.

I believe it’s definitely worth the price for this type of deal, if you’re interested in it that is.

With the cost of franchising this business, it’s important to know that there are no financing or discount deals for the price. There are also no available refunds.

So this is a situation where you need to know for sure if this opportunity is something that will take you places and something that you are passionate about.

Now, while they don’t offer any of that, they do provide on-site and in-class training. You will also receive territory rights to the franchise outlet.

So, while there are a few disadvantages, you still have quality benefits to owing this franchise.

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Wrapping This Burger Deal Up

With the thousands of franchise opportunities in America, it’s hard to narrow down to just one choice. Especially with the amazing benefits for some companies.

Most of the time, the benefits to franchising the company will far outweigh the disadvantage. In this case, Five Guys Burgers & Fries definitely offers something incredible here.

Their franchise opportunity is highly respected and chosen by hundreds across the country as the go-to opportunity. So if this franchise business is the one for you, contact the company and get your personal questions answered.

What are the best questions to ask?

Things like:

  • How many outlets have terminated their agreement?
  • What is the renewal cost?
  • How many outlets are currently running?

These questions can help you gain more clarity as to whether or not this is a good choice for you or anyone for that matter.

There will always be multiple opportunities available, but there will only ever be one true franchise that is the exceptional choice for you to begin your new journey into owning your own business.

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Why I Prefer Lead Generation Business, A Scalable & Long-Term Business Plan, Versus Franchising In 2019

I don’t think you’ll delve into business without expecting a big ROI or Return Of Investment in return. Let me blunt at you, just today. Go straight to the lead generation business.

Why am I so into this business versus the other business models like franchising?

Over the years, I’ve been into different businesses hoping to earn more than I earned from my monthly salary in a Japanese auto part company. Nothing gave me a glint of hope to escape my dreading financial crisis from a job I hate.

Well, I love business and I love sales. There’s no denying in my part and I could talk nonstop about it because it’s my passion. But I’m also human and I need to feed myself. It isn’t possible to live in a comfortable (I dreamed) when I was in a full-time corporate life 8 to 9 hours per day in my cubicle.

Among the kinds of businesses I’d been into, the lead generation left a big impact in my life to the point I couldn’t believe I’m living my dream right now. The laptop lifestyle other online entrepreneurs have been talking about, I’m living that comfort.

How is this possible within a short span of time?

It’s not really short but shorter than any other business incomes out there, as long as you have the laser-focused financial goals buried inside your head.

Only in the lead generation business gave me the rare opportunity to weigh my work and income by identifying the system to become efficient with my work to earn more.

Take a look at my first lead gen site I created for a Limo company in Lansing, MI in 2014 for around 6 hours, including the ranking on Google’s first page to make sure their site is visible in front of their client’s eyes.

Because they’re satisfied with the results, they’ve been paying $750 per month now. That means I earned $36,000 in 4 years in that one lead site alone. How much more if I have 100 lead gen sites consistently giving me money in my account with doing less (than my corporate job).

In a franchising business, there are tons of work to do every single day, giving you so much stress because you’re handling everything though you hired manpower to do other tasks for you. But it isn’t enough.

In fact, many of the small business owners out there are desperate for the bread and butter of their business to survive. The leads.

When they have access to these leads, they don’t have to spend more money on ineffective online marketing ads or outdated print advertising because they can just pay us to provide these leads for them.

Imagine there are more or less 30 million registered small businesses across the US with at least 50 niches. So, that means there is around 1.5 billion potential markets you can approach and negotiate with the payment in exchange for the leads they’re searching for.

Because of the figures, it gives us more relaxed approach to earning our passive income because we’re assured these small businesses will survive as long as their businesses are positioned right in accord to their target market.

If you go through our lead generation coaching program, you’ll get the following important weapons en route to your successful financial journey with confidence.

  • High-Income Skills. The skills that gives you money and impact to you and your clients’ lives. The same set of skills you apply when it comes to earning your wealth quick with confidence because you know how to make your own money without serving someone else’s product.
  • The EXACT blueprint to your 6- to 7-figure income that I, as well as other successful online marketers, have done that changed their lives for the best. It contains the steps we did and mastered until it became a part of our lifestyle.

You won’t regret spending a few hundred dollars in exchange for the valuable lesson/s you’ll get in our lead generation coaching program. Go here to get started.

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