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The Game Of Training

by Sam Caucci, Principle 

The world is changing and this article by Sam Caucci describes how many of these changes manifest themselves in today’s employees. Franchisors need to adapt to these changes.

By 2020, 1 in every 2 employees in the workforce will be a millennial. It is a generation that has grown up not only playing, but also mastering the skill of gaming. From Pac Man to running a sports franchise, the generation entering our workforce has grown up in a make believe world that has changed the way that they engage and interact.

It is a fact that the face of our workforce is different. The question is how do companies adapt to this reality? It is the responsibility of high performing franchisors to always be seeking more effective ways of educating and developing their team members. While most franchisors have the majority of their training material in a workbook or delivered through a multi-day lecture style workshop, these platforms are proving less effective when presented to our team member’s today. 

So how do we fix it? Here are 3 ways to ensure your training program incorporates the principles necessary to ensure your employees are improving in your training program:

1. Stop Lecturing. The latest neuroscience research into the way the brain learns proves one basic truth. The brain learns by doing. A recent study by Harvard Business School found that 87% of content learned in a 1-day training will be lost within 4 weeks of training completion.

While most education, on-boarding and staff development training leans heavily on seminar style workshops and online learning platforms, the reality is that while these platforms are effective they leave a major gap in the learning and development process. You must find a way to make your training content come to life.

2. Role-play. A major tool to develop these skills, habits and behaviors is roleplaying. It is the only way to actually practice the word tracks and difficult conversations employees face everyday with your customers. The truth is your employees will get the practice whether you role-play or not. The question is do they get the practice in the training room or on your customer?

3. Keep Score. We live in a world today where our customers and employees love to collect points, stars, and badges and so on. Why not tap into our employee’s current competitive mindset to make training more engaging. Tracking points and badges awarded to the completion of different ‘levels’ of your training program is a simple way to measure and recognize employee improvement.

Training cannot simply start and stop by watching online modules. For organizations that must ensure a team member is either selling or servicing a customer in a very specific way, the training and development program must focus on putting that team member in scenarios that they will face in the real world. Using the principles of gamification can get you there.

Learn more about the Sales Huddle Group’s Training Game, an iPad based simulation training platform that is customized to your franchise’s existing sales and service processes. Bringing together the latest research and training concepts around gamification to ensure your training sticks, the Training Game is changing the way teams are training.

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