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How Franchisees Can Manage and Motivate Their Employees


Since most franchisees are highly dependent upon their employees, motivating these employees should be a priority. Here are some tips for achieving this objective.

Since most franchisees operate small businesses, their employees are a valuable resource that plays an important role in the day to day operation of the franchise. Since most franchisees don't have a good deal of employee depth the loss of one franchisee employee can place a franchise operation at risk.

Like larger companies, where there is a policy for employee time off, performance evaluations and salary increases franchisees should have similar guidelines for their employees so that everyone is treated fairly.

Some franchisors provide guidelines to their franchisees that cover the area of human resources, benefits and perks. These guidelines can include employee recruitment techniques, proposed wages, vacation and other benefits. Some franchisors may even provide resources for health insurance. However, in most cases, when it comes to employee training and motivation franchisees are on their own.

Managing and motivating people, in a franchise environment requires a combination of common sense, people skills and sound management practices.

The following tips can help franchisees manage and motivate their employees:

  • Understanding the Franchise Operation
    The franchise employees must know what is required to successfully operate the franchise. This means knowing the work that needs to be performed. Whether it's a fast food, home care, or health and fitness franchise. They need to know the role and responsibilities of each member of the team. If the franchisee and their employees don't understand what they must do, then the franchise may not be successful.
  • Each employee must be fully trained and aware of their responsibilities
    Don't rely upon the franchisor to train your employees. Typically, the franchisor will train the franchisee and one other person, usually a spouse or manager. This leaves the training of other employees the responsibility of the franchisee. Unless a franchisee is investing in a high level franchise, franchisor training will be limited.
  • Accountability for each Employee
    Employees must be responsible and accountable for the job that they are paid to perform and they need to receive feedback regarding their performance. A franchisee can get so caught up in the franchise operation that they fail to hold those responsible accountable.
  • Accept Feedback from Employees
    It's important that franchisees recognize that each employee has something to contribute. To demonstrates that employees can make a contribution provide a forum for employee feedback at meetings.
  • Have a Recognition Program for Employees.
    Provide your employees an opportunity to be recognized whether it's an award or financial incentive, People want to be recognized for their contribution and not just for doing what they are being paid to do.
  • Treat Employees with Respect
    Whether you manage three people or thirty-three people, treat everyone with respect. Not just as subordinates or employees, but as individuals.

People look to their franchisee for leadership and motivation and to provide the training, confidence and feedback so they can do the right job. If you follow these tips, you should be successful in managing and motivating your employees.

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