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Franchisee Buyers Club is a Real Benefit for Franchisees

by Ed Teixeira

Finally, all franchisees can enjoy the same buying power as franchisees from the large systems.

One of the benefits that franchise community representatives should espouse is the opportunity for franchisees to exercise their collective purchasing power. However, countless franchisees are unable to capitalize on the purchasing power and benefits that some of their fellow franchisees enjoy. Whether certain franchisees are part of a start-up franchise, a smaller franchise networks or the franchisor doesnít wish to get involved in establishing a supplier network, itís a lost opportunity. Now there is a way to tap into the potential buying power of franchising through the Franchisee Buyers Club.

The newly launched website provides an opportunity for franchisees and suppliers to fulfill their mutual needs. For a modest annual fee individual franchisees are able to join the FBC and purchase products and services at reduced costs. The program provides a way franchisees can tap into the purchasing power of franchising by being part of a large network and leveraging their buying power. Suppliers and professionals will have the opportunity to reach franchisees by participating in the Franchisee Buyers Club. An example of some notable companies joining FBC includes ADP, Vista Print and Dady and Gardner Franchisee attorneys. The Franchisee Buyers Club website provides a portal that enables its franchisee and supplier members to connect and conduct business online.

Franchisee Buyers Club is owned and operated by FranchiseGrade.com, a highly respected industry research, assessment, grading and reporting company whose corporate mandate is to raise the bar for the franchise industry. Jeff Lefler the founder of FranchiseGrade.com and the Franchisee Buyers Club has operated a franchise since 2006 and also helped to establish the National Bread Network, an Independent Franchisee Association representing Canada Bread Franchisees. Jeff is very active in franchising and regularly publishes articles, commentaries and reports for the franchise industry, government and private enterprises. Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn. Franchisee Buyers Club does not receive any commission from its suppliers for directory listings. Instead it offers modest membership fees to franchisees and suppliers.

Collecting data from 2,400 franchise systems has helped to provide experience and knowledge as the basis for understanding franchise performance standards. This comprehensive, yet neutral grading platform ensures unbiased results when comparing franchise systems, regardless of size and financial value.Ē

The major benefit of the FranchiseGrade.com ranking is that the methodology serves to evaluate overall franchise performance rather than relying upon size and growth.

For those considering investing in a franchise whether as an individual or private equity firm the information that the Franchise Performance Indexô provides is only one of several factors that should enter into the investment decision. However, utilizing an objective method for evaluating the performance of a franchise system equally applied, is a define improvement over what has been available. Thatís the reason I believe the FranchiseGrade.com Top 500 is the best franchise ranking system available

Ed Teixeira is a member of the Franchise Grade Advisory Board.

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Ed Teixeira is the President of FranchiseKnowHow.com and Chief Operating Officer, FranchiseGrade.com. He is a former franchise executive and franchisee. He can be contacted at 631-246-5782 or at  franchiseknowhow@gmail.com



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