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Buying A Franchise

2015 home care franchise industry report2015 Home Care Franchise Report

The home care industry continues to flourish. This free special report produced by Franchise Know-How in conjunction with Franchise Grade, discusses the market, industry trends and includes a list of the top 10 home care franchises. Click to download.



Recapping the Franchise Industry in 2015

The year 2015 saw a number of important events take place in the franchise industry. Here are the things that will have the most lasting impact on the industry.

Executive Home Care is Growing the Right Way

It's important that franchisors control system growth and quality when developing their franchise network. Executive Home Care is doing just that.

Why Franchisors Should Provide a Detailed Item 19 Disclosure

It's important that franchisors show prospective franchisees the financial information they require.  Here's why:

Don't Be Pennywise and Pound-Foolish When Buying a Franchise

Individuals interested in a franchise opportunity need to invest money in order to obtain the best evaluation of a franchise.

Franchise Candidates Need to Ask the Right Questions

When franchise candidates evaluate a franchise system they need to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

What Successful Franchises Have in Common

Successful franchise systems share common features. Learn what these features are.

Five Items in the Franchise Disclosure Document that Deserve Attention

In addition to certain items in the FDD that receive the bulk of attention there are five items that should not be overlooked.

Tips for Visiting a Franchise Tradeshow

If you're visiting a trade shows here are some facts and advice of which you should be aware.

Why Veterans Make Good Franchisees

There are a number of reasons why military veterans can make good franchisees.  Read more>

Home Inspection Franchise Offers 1st Year Income Guarantee

It's rare for a franchisor to guarantee income to a franchisee but that's what A Buyers Choice Home Inspection is doing. Read more>

Financial Considerations For Prospective Franchisees

Individuals looking at a franchise opportunity should consider the home buyers analogy.

5 Due Diligence Steps for Prospective Franchisees

There are five items that every franchise candidate should include as part of their franchise due diligence.  Here's what you must  investigate before signing a franchise contract.

Why the FranchiseGrade.com Top 500 is the Best 

There are a lot of franchise ranking lists published each year. Learn why the FranchiseGrade.com franchise ranking is the best of the group.

Why FDD Item 20 Can Be Revealing

Learn why Item 20 in the Franchise Disclosure Document can provide a wealth of information about a franchisor and its franchise program.  Here's why.

Pros & Cons of Investing in a New Franchise

It can be enticing to invest in a new franchise; however, don't expect to be investing in the next KFC or McDonalds. Purchasing a start up franchise has its risks and disadvantages.

Three Financial Steps To Take Before You Buy

Before you write that check for a franchise investment, make sure you take these three key steps.

Financial Measuring a Franchise Company

There are a number of ways to measure or evaluate a franchisor. These measures when properly applied can provide a profile of a potential franchise or an existing franchisor in the start-up mode.  Here's what to measure.

Traits of Successful Franchisees

There are certain skills or traits that successful franchisees share. Franchisors should look for these traits when considering franchise candidates.

How To Minimize Risk

There is always some risk involved when you buy a franchise. But potential franchisees can limit their risk of failure by following these helpful tips.

The Isolated Franchisee

Learn why being an isolated franchisee can put a franchisee at a significant disadvantage. Here's why.

Franchise Offering Circulars Then & Now

Franchise Offering Circulars (FOC) have changed a lot in the last 34 years, but have those changes affected franchisees' success? Read this:

Franchise Analytics Opens New Doors

By analyzing the information contained in a Franchise Disclosure Document it's possible to gain a better understanding of a franchise program and its investment opportunity.

Children Services Franchise Report

FranchiseGrade.com uses their exclusive Franchise Performance Index™ grading scale to assess the top 10 children's services franchise investments for 2014.

2014 Industry Report

The franchise industry is growing. Read some of the key findings of the Franchise Grade Industry Report.

Not All Franchises Are Equal

Every franchise is different in some ways from others, but some differences are more critical. Here's how to compare the differences between franchises.

Franchise Industry Statistics

Thinking about buying a franchise but wondering if it's a good idea? Here are franchise industry statistics you'll find helpful.

Evaluate the Franchisor

Choosing a franchise? You need to evaluate the franchisor as well as the franchise concept. Here's how.

Looking for a Franchise?

Follow this simple 5 step process to help find the best franchise for you.

How To Review Item 20 in the FDD

Learn how item 20 in the FDD can provide a preview of a franchise operation. Read more.

Digging For Franchise Facts Before Your Buy

Existing franchisees can be a valuable source of information for franchise candidates; however, it may take some extra effort to get the right answers.

More Item 19 Disclosures

As more franchisors make a disclosure under Item 19 there will be an increased need for a careful review of the "numbers". Read more.

Interesting and Surprising Franchise Facts

FranchiseGrade.com in conjunction with FranchiseKnowHow has reviewed and analyzed hundreds of Franchise Disclosure Documents that represent a cross section of franchisors. By analyzing FDDís on a regular basis pertinent information and important trends in the franchise industry can be identified. Weíll continue to monitor data activity as we review FDDs in order to identify trends.  See the Franchise Facts Infographic. 

Questions You Need To Ask

Learn the three questions that franchise prospects rarely ask franchisors, but should. Read more>>

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Expands

Looking to buy a franchise in Oklahoma City? Potbelly Sandwich Shop is expanding into that area. Read more >>

Pros and Cons of Buying A Franchise

Before searching for a franchise, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a franchise and understand the implications of buying and operating one.  Read this excerpt from the Franchise Buyer's Manual for facts you need to know.

How To Look For A Franchise

You know you want to invest in a franchise, but how do you get unbiased information to help you determine which would be best for you? Here's how to proceed.

Create a Profile Before You Buy A Franchise

Before embarking on a search for the right franchise opportunity itís important to construct your franchise profile. This article shows how to do it.

Operating a Successful Franchise: Not as Easy as it May Seem

New franchisees should recognize that operating a successful and profitable franchise is never quite as easy as it may appear. Despite the numerous anecdotes about successful franchisees, success often requires hard work and recognition of your limitations.

How to Give a Franchise the Once-Over

A good amount of information has been written about how to evaluate a franchise opportunity. Here is a way to do an initial franchise review before spending a lot of time and money.

Veterans: Be Cautious When Pursuing a Franchise Opportunity

A number of franchisors are offering financial concessions to veterans interested in purchasing a franchise. Veterans need to look before they leap.

Operating a Successful Franchise: Not as Easy as it May Seem

New franchisees should recognize that operating a successful and profitable franchise is never quite as easy as it may appear. Despite the numerous anecdotes about successful franchisees, success often requires hard work and recognition of your limitations.

Franchise Discovery Day Purpose

Franchise Discovery Day needs to be more than a series of sales presentations to sell your franchise concept. Here's why:

Planet Sub Expansion

Planet Sub continues its expansion with a new location in Denver and a fresh new look. Click here.

Taking Over An Existing Franchise

Thinking about buying a franchise? Taking over an existing franchise location instead of setting up in a new location can be advantageous. Here's why.

Tips for Qualifying a Franchisor

Buying a franchise? Minimize your chance for failure by qualifying the franchisor.   Here's how to do it.

Will Business Service Franchises Turn The Corner?

Business service franchises were hard hit during the recession. Will this franchise group make a comeback? Here's a look at the prospects for business service franchises.

Children's Franchise Growth Continues

Children franchise programs continue to grow in popularity and locations. Here are reasons for the growth in children's franchises.

Camille's Hand Dipped Ice Cream Franchise

This ice cream on a stick franchise plans to expand globally.

Hamburger Concepts Are Still Hot

What's hot in Quick Serve Restaurant franchise concepts?  Hamburers are, for one. Here are trends to watch based on a  QSR magazine report.

Use The Right Approach To Buy or Sell A Franchise

Whether youíre the franchise buyer or the franchise seller itís in the interests of both parties to make the right decision. The following is a way in which buyer and seller can reach this goal.

What You Need To Know About Personal Guarantees

Itís important for prospective franchisees to fully understand the personal guaranty section in the franchise agreement. The reasons why franchisors require this covenant and what the implications are in the event the franchisee has problems. Here's what' you need to know about the personal guarantee in franchise agreements.

The Top Food Franchises from The Franchise Business Review

Here is the annual report of the top food franchises from the Franchise Business Review.

Researching a Franchise Opportunity

When considering a franchise opportunity itís important that individuals perform the proper research. This should include identifying how the franchisor qualifies and selects new franchisees.

Franchisees Need to be Prepared

Amsterdam Falafelshop Feeds Franchise Investors with Munchies for High-Performing Restaurant Concepts

Top-it-yourself falafel shop with Amsterdam vibe and cult following kicks franchising into high gear; announces new financing program to support franchise growth. Read more >>

A new franchisee needs to have his or her team identified and in place, before the franchise is opened. In addition, the franchisor should know how the franchisee intends to operate their franchise. Read more >>

Questions You Need to Answer Before Buying a Franchise

Before you decide to purchase the particular franchise that you like you should answer the following questions.

Franchisee Satisfaction Higher Among Low-Cost Concepts

Franchisee satisfaction with low-investment franchises is 8 percent higher than higher-priced opportunities, according to new findings out this week from Franchise Business Review.

Structura Body Therapies Announces Aggressive Franchise Growth Strategy

The company has announced an aggressive franchise growth strategy that is based upon addressing the problems of poor posture utilizing innovative advanced body therapies. Read more

Why Some Franchisees Fail

Before considering a franchise opportunity itís important to know why a franchisee can fail.  Armed with this information, it will make it easier to determine if youíre suited for a particular franchise.

If Youíre Buying a Franchise Having the Right Attorney is Crucial

Be sure to use a franchise attorney if youíre going to buy a franchise. Here are the reasons why you shouldnít go it alone or use any attorney. Read more >>

Buying a Franchise? Do You Really Know the Franchisor?

If youíre focused in on buying a particular franchise, itís important to be familiar with the franchisor and how the staff performs before signing the franchise agreement.

These Franchises Have Substance

We took a look at different franchise sectors to see how some performed in the past five years.  Here are the results.

A Buyers Choice Home Inspections Franchise Projects Triple Franchise Growth

Home Inspection Franchise Poised for Accelerated Growth in Targeted Markets over the next two years. Read more >>

Franchisors Need to Interview Franchisee Candidates

When some franchisors qualify franchise prospects they place emphasis on the financial and business qualifications, however, the process needs to include a quality interview.

Changing Demographics Will Continue to Impact Franchising

The composition of the U.S. population continues to change. As these changes take place franchisors need to prepare and respond to these growing markets.

5 Areas Franchisors and Franchise Prospects Should Focus on

Here are 5 important areas that prospective franchisees and franchisors should pay attention to. If these areas are in sync, chances are the franchise is in good shape.

Franchising 101 for Franchise Prospects

For individuals considering a franchise opportunity the first step in the process is to take Franchising 101, which is tuition free.

Growing Franchise Sector Includes Food Thatís Fast, Healthy and Tastes Good

Here are five healthy fast food franchises with a winning menu and the right formula for success.

CMIT Solutions Exceeds Growth Goals in 2012; Sets Stage for Strategic 2013 Expansion Plan

The CMIT Solutions franchise has surpassed its growth target for 2012 and plans for strong expansion in 2013. Read more here >>

When Buying a Franchise Calculate Your ROE

When evaluating a franchise opportunity, the return on effort or ROE can be just as important as the return on investment or ROI.

The Drivers of Home Care Franchise Growth

An excerpt from my soon to be released report Home Care Franchise Industry Update 2012.

Buying a Franchise? Invest Time before Money

For those considering investing in a franchise opportunity the first step should be to gain some basic knowledge of franchising. This ought to be done before searching for franchises and using franchise consultants.

Rollovers as Business Start-Ups (ROBS): Thinking about the Risks and Rewards

Attorney, Michael Sheehan describes the pros and cons of using retirement funds to capitalize a new franchise or business. Itís a comprehensive look into the subject of Rollovers as Business Start-Ups.

Executive Care Announces Nationwide Expansion through New Franchising Initiative

Executive Care launches new franchise program. Will build on the success of it's New Jersey and Florida operations. Read more >>

Patrice and Associates Franchise: The Right Recipe for the Hospitality Industry

The Patrice and Associates franchise has all the ingredients for success: a large market, a flexible franchise program and ready to serve clients.

Evaluating a Franchise? Franchise Re-sales an Important Consideration

Individuals considering a franchise opportunity should include the potential for a franchise resale as part of their due diligence process.  Having an exit strategy is a critical component of any new business start-up.

Itís the Franchise Stupid

Itís important that franchisors and franchise candidates focus attention on the basic franchise operation and not get sidetracked into other areas.

Overlooking an Important Item When Buying and Selling a Franchise

Whether youíre an individual considering the purchase of a franchise or a franchisor seeking qualified franchisees there is an important item both groups often overlook.

Sloanís Ice Cream Launches Franchise

Sloanís, South Floridaís palatial ice cream, candy and toys paradise announced today its strategic franchise initiative -- indulging investors with an opportunity to open their own savory and aromatic wonderland. Read more >>

If youíre Buying a Franchise Donít Go It Alone!

There continues to be a number of individuals that look to purchase a franchise without the benefit of professional advice. It can be the biggest mistake they will ever make.

An Opportunity for Franchise Brokers

There are opportunities for franchise brokers to work with start-up franchisors. However, for various reasons it appears that few brokers or broker groups take advantage of this potential market.

5 Tips when Considering a Franchise Business

Here is some good advice for those pursuing a franchise opportunity. These 5 tips can help you to make the right decision.

Franchising to Veterans Requires Some TLC

As more franchisors provide returning veterans with franchise incentives itís important not to treat them like other franchise candidates. They require some special attention.

Franchise Candidates Should Act Like Investors Not Buyers

When seeking a franchise opportunity itís important to take off the buyerís hat and put on the investorís hat. Here are some tips on how to facilitate the switch.

The Franchise Sales Process is about Qualifying Not Selling

Franchisors and franchisor representatives need to place greater emphasis on qualifying a franchise candidate throughout the franchising process. Utilizing traditional selling techniques in franchising is not the most effective path to follow.

Finding Hidden Franchise Gems

There are a number of franchises that provide outstanding opportunities for prospective franchisees. Many of these franchises are not well know and choose to apply more resources on their existing franchisees rather than selling lots of new ones.

Examining Icebergs: Discovery Day at the Professional Services Franchise

Learn how a Discovery Day visit can vary depending upon the type of franchise. In the following example, the operation of a professional service franchise represents a different experience for both franchisee and franchisor compared to other franchise opportunities.

A Certain Trait Franchisors and Franchisees Can Share

Read about a trait that both franchisors and franchisees can share.

A Business Plan Should be a Requirement for Buying a Franchise

If a franchise candidate was required to write and submit a business plan to the franchisor before final approval I truly believe the result would be less franchisee failures and more successful franchise networks. This article presents the reason why.

The Franchise Operation and the Franchise Agreement are Interrelated.

Some franchise candidates make the mistake of paying too little attention to the franchise agreement and how it relates to the franchise operation. Here are several important areas to focus on.

The Most Important Step When Buying a Franchise

Performing a comprehensive evaluation of a franchise is a critical step before you pay the franchise fee and sign the agreement. Learn how to perform this important activity.

The Kona Ice Franchise is Real Cool

In this interview with Kona Ice President, Tony Lamb youíll learn about an exciting and growing franchise and how its franchisees have donated $3,000,000 to schools and sports groups.

Franchise Spotlight: Rising Roll Gourmet

Rising Roll Gourmet is an exciting franchise concept built upon a menu of quality sandwiches sold in a variety of venues. Read my interview with President,  Mike Lassiter.

The New York Franchise Show Will Have a Grand Opening!

The International Franchise Show (IFE) is heading for a great launch in its New York City debut on June 15th.  Read why this event has the potential to grow into a major franchise event.

Is the Relationship Between Cold Stone Creamery and Its Franchisees a Bit Chilly?

Cold Stone Creamery has had its share of problems over the past few years. The latest chapter is a lawsuit by a number of its franchisees.

Five Growing Franchise Industries

Learn about five industries that offer healthy franchise opportunities and a path for individuals who are looking to own and operate their own business.

If You Purchase the Wrong Franchise Your Legal Remedies May Be Limited

Current franchise agreements and judicial decisions can provide obstacles to franchisees who take legal action against their franchisor. The result is that prospective franchisees had better make the right decision when choosing and purchasing a franchise.

Ten Questions Franchise Candidates Shouldn't be Afraid to Ask

Before signing on that dotted line and paying the franchise fee there are certain questions that the franchisor should be asked. If youíve already considered asking these questions kudos to you, however, chances are youíve missed these.

Do I Really Need To Read The Franchise Disclosure Document?

The Franchise Disclosure Document is a key component of the franchise process since it provides important information and disclosures about the franchise opportunity. Prospective franchisees should be prepared to review this important document and simply pass off their attorney.

Home Based Franchises Keep on Growing

The number of home based franchises continues to grow and in some franchise segments the home based feature exists in a majority of the total franchise companies. This article presents some interesting statistics and the reasons why home based franchises continue to grow.

Franchisees Make Lots of Bread at Planet Sub

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Sean Kelly, the co-founder of Planet Sub, and I came away totally impressed. The following article will help you learn how this franchise combines an exciting food concept with an equitable opportunity for franchisees.

My Destination: A Franchise Without Borders

This interview with My Destination presents an overview of this exciting franchise concept. Learn why this unique franchise concept travels so well.

Look Before You Leap: Due Diligence By Prospective Franchisees

Itís important that prospective franchisees perform a comprehensive due diligence before purchasing a franchise. This article by franchisee attorney, Jeffrey M. Goldstein, provides insight into this important subject.

CareMinders: A Home Healthcare Franchise with a Purpose

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Gary Kneller, President of CareMinders Home Care.

What Makes a Franchisee Successful?

In a previous article I presented what, in my opinion, makes an effective franchise leader. This article looks at the other side of the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, namely, what makes a successful franchisee.

A Successful Franchise Below the Radar: The Murphy Business Franchise

Recently I interviewed Roger Murphy the founder of Murphy Business and Financial Services. Franchising since 2006, Murphy Business and Financial Services franchise has become a successful operation with 127 franchisees.

Starting Up a Franchise Company the Right Way: The MoneySaver Franchise

Starting up a new franchise company requires a combination of the right ingredients. This interview with Adam Squires of MoneySaver explains why this franchisor has the right ingredients to succeed.

Home Based Franchises Require Something Extra

There are a number of advantages in owning a home based franchise. However, there can be disadvantages as well. Franchisees and franchisors should focus on the pros and cons of home based franchises when making their respective decisions. 

If Franchisors Would Answer Only One Question

There is one question that all franchise prospects should ask and franchisors should be able to answer. Learn what this question is and why itís so important.

When you Buy a Franchise Pretend Youíre Selling It in Five Years

When individuals purchase a franchise most will plan on selling the franchise at some future date or operate it until their children can take it over. Iíve encountered some individuals who plan on operating the franchise for the long term until retirement. If youíre considering buying a franchise a good approach to take is to plan on selling the franchise as part of your analysis. Learn why this strategy can be helpful. 

Planning on a Partner for Your Franchise? Here are some Proís and Conís

Itís not uncommon for prospective franchisees to plan on having a partner for their new franchise. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to a franchise partnership.  Here are some pros and cons.

The Franchise Fitness Craze

The fitness industry continues to be one of the fastest growing concepts in the franchise industry. This article provides a look inside the fitness franchise craze and why this sector will continue to grow.

Franchisor Competency: As Important as the Franchise Concept

There are hundreds of franchise opportunities that are based upon a sound franchise concept but for various reasons never reach their full potential. Newly emerging franchise companies need to have competent leadership as well as the necessary financial resources in order to succeed. Although a sound business model is a prerequisite for a successful franchise so too are the business skills and the experience of the franchise leader.

Thinking of Buying a Franchise? The Proís and Conís

Bob Stewart is Managing Director of a British recruitment and outplacement firm. As a former franchisee, Mr. Stewart offers his insight and advice regarding franchising. Whether in Pounds or Dollars the message is the same.

Buying a Franchise through the Eyes of a Franchise Expert

After having been involved in franchising for almost my entire business career my knowledge of franchising qualifies me as an expert. Here are the key areas I believe anyone buying a franchise should focus on.

Before Starting Your Franchise Have Your Team Ready to Go

A successful franchise operation requires more than one person to manage the business. There are a number of reasons why itís important for a new franchisee to have their team in place before the franchise is off and running. First, the franchisor needs to know how the franchisee intends to operate their franchise before completing the franchise transaction. Here are some reasons why both the franchisee and franchisor need to have answers to this particular question.

The Benefits of Owning a Franchise

Even though the benefits of owning a franchise compared to building a business from the ground up are numerous, each franchise opportunity must be evaluated on an individual basis. The needs and capabilities of each prospective franchise must be considered.

How to Evaluate a Start-Up Franchise Company

In a previous article I presented the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a franchise from a new franchisor. This article provides key factors that should be considered before making your decision. Learn how to evaluate the start-up franchise company.

Don't Forget the Kids Franchise

We continue to read about the growing senior market. However, the market for children's products and services is far greater and continues to grow and offer significant franchise opportunities. Here are some top ranked franchises servicing the children's market.

Prospective Franchisees and Franchisors Should see These Statistics

Whether youíre considering purchasing a new franchise or starting up a franchise company these key industry statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau provide insight into the role of franchising.

Startup Franchise Considerations Presentation

This presentation by Ed Teixeira goes into more detail about the criteria you should investigate before investing in a new franchise concept.

Five Indicators of a Successful Franchise Program

There are certain attributes that all successful franchise programs share. This article presents five of the most important attributes. Whether youíre a franchisor or an individual looking to purchase a franchise read this article to learn about what successful franchises have in common.

Purchasing a Start-Up Franchise? Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages

Hundreds of new franchises start up every year. Some of these new franchises can represent a good opportunity for prospective franchisees however; these individuals need to understand the pros and cons of investing in a brand new franchise. Here are some of the important considerations to look for.

Understanding the Passionate Franchise Founder

When visiting franchisorís corporate headquarters, franchise candidates look forward to the opportunity of meeting the person who founded the franchise. However, itís important that these candidates keep the enthusiasm often demonstrated by the founder in proper perspective.

Before You Buy A Franchise Get The Answers To These Three Questions

If youíre considering buying a franchise you should read this article. Youíll find some useful tips that you can use before moving toward a most important decision.

If Franchising Is Your Back Up Plan, Get A Job!

Franchise expert Dr. John Hayes, offers a reason why someone shouldnít buy a franchise. This brief article is to the point.

5 Tips for Choosing The Right Franchise

How can you be sure the franchise you choose is the right one for you? Here are 5 tips for choosing the best franchise to buy.

Looking for a Franchise? Consider Purchasing an Existing Franchise

If youíre thinking of purchasing a new franchise, you may want to consider purchasing an existing franchise. Statistics indicate that, on average, a typical business changes ownership every four years. Franchised businesses are a part of this universe, and studies undertaken by the business brokerage industry report that franchised businesses follow the same pattern. Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing an existing franchise.

Buying a Franchise? You Better Understand Item 7 of the FDD

Item 7 in the Franchise Disclosure Document requires franchisors to set out in a prescribed format a franchiseeís estimated initial investment needed to start the franchise business. Itís important for individuals looking to purchase a franchise to fully understand what Item 7 contains. A leading cause of franchisee failure is being undercapitalized. Learn how to avoid falling into that situation.

10 Franchises Poised for Growth

We reviewed franchise concepts in two of the fastest growing industry segments: home healthcare and personal fitness. Using specific indicators we came up with ten franchises that met our guidelines. Read this article to see the franchises that made the list and to learn how they were chosen.

Making the Most of Your Franchise Expo Experience

Visiting a franchise expo event may seem like the perfect way to find the franchise thatís right for you. And it is, but only if youíve done your homework and have constructed a plan to make the most of your experience.

How Do You Avoid Double Talk When Interviewing Existing Franchisees?

One of the most important steps in the due diligence process of buying a franchise is to interview existing franchisees. I recommend that you interview as many as possible and that you visit at least one and spend at least part of a day exploring the franchise opportunity. After working in a franchise for a day, or a weekend, you might decide itís not really for you!

Does Background Matter for Potential Franchisees?

For people looking to start their own business and become their own boss,  itís important not to limit your options. If a potential entrepreneur has  no specific experience in a given industry, that doesnít mean thereís not  an opportunity for success.

The Best Franchise Opportunities to Invest In

Investing in the right franchise opportunity requires the gathering and analyzing of a great deal of information. Choosing a franchise based upon current or short term trends should not be the criteria. The demand for products or services during the next decade is more important. This article provides a look into the future and where the best franchise opportunities will be. Some of these may surprise you.

A Simple Way to Evaluate a Franchise Opportunity

These simple guidelines can be used to begin an evaluation of an existing franchise opportunity. These guidelines also represent the foundation for building a franchise concept from an independent business. Follow this list to find important questions and attributes that you should consider when you search for a particular franchise. When youíre finished, ask yourself if the franchise program passes the test.

Franchise Direct Home Care Report

Here is a summary of the Franchise Direct report on the fast growing home care Industry. Another example of why the home care franchise segment will continue to grow. Learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity.


Franchisees Should Maximize the Benefits of their Discovery Day

When attending a Discovery Day for a franchise opportunity itís important to recognize this event as a critical step in the franchising process. This article provides an outline of the steps a franchise candidate should follow when attending Discovery Day in order to maximize the benefits of this meeting.

Home Care: A Franchise Opportunity with a Dynamic Market

The home care industry continues to grow and will continue to represent a large market segment in the future. Franchise companies that provide home care to seniors are an excellent opportunity for franchisees. Read this article to learn why.

Franchise Times 2010 Fast 55

Read about the Fast 55 compiled by FRANdata and featured in Franchise Times. The 55 companies have been franchising for less than five years and is based upon data taken from 2004 to 2008.

A Warning Before Buying a Franchise

A recent article in the WSJ Bankruptcy Blog, serves as a reminder. Before you purchase a franchise be aware of  ďred flags.Ē  First, be sure you know who youíre dealing with and confirm what they represent. In this case, a master developer, who was representing the franchisor, made questionable representations to the prospective franchisee. Second, be wary of any pressure from the franchisor to buy the franchise.  Click here to read the entire article >>

25 Questions to Answer Before Your Make Your Final Decision

Before you make sign that franchise agreement and lock yourself into a contract, be sure you get answers to these important questions.

Why Franchisees Fail

Ask any expert about buying a franchise and they will always recommend that you speak with existing franchisees before you make a decision to purchase a specific franchise. However, itís important to know what questions to ask. Understanding why  franchisees fail can lead you to ask the right questions and improve your chances of success.

Get To Know The Franchisor Before You Buy The Franchise

When buying a franchise, itís important to evaluate the franchisor. This article will present tips on getting to know the franchisor before you sign the franchise agreement.

Women and Part-Time Franchising Opportunities

If you see an advertisement for a "Great Part-Time Franchise Opportunity for Moms," is it likely to be a legitimate sales pitch or just plain hype from a franchisorís slick marketing department? Here's what you need to know about part-time franchises.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Franchisee?

When investigating a franchise opportunity, one of the most difficult pieces of information to get from the franchisor is how much money you might make. This can be frustrating because you are not going to invest in a franchise until you have a good idea of what you can earn. Find out the ways to learn how much money you can expect to earn as a franchisee.

Shopping at a Franchise Expo

You can see a lot of franchises at a franchise show.  You'll also be exposed to a lot of sales people. Here are things to know as you investigate various franchise opportunities at franchise shows.

Which Franchise Is Best?

Buying a franchise is a big decision.  Before you make it, get answers to these 15 questions. The answers will help you choose the right franchise for you.




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