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What Franchisors can Learn from Successful Organizations
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Not unlike the franchise industry, there are organizations that are successful and those that aren't. Some organizations achieve their objectives while others miss the mark. The successful organizations have established practices, leadership and managers that execute sound business practices.One can draw a comparison between the successful organizations and leading franchise programs.There are similarities in how key responsibilities are implemented and carried out. For those of us in the franchise industry and especially franchisor management, we should keep the following in mind:
  • Successful organizations select the right people and adhere to certain standards. Franchisors should carefully qualify the candidates they review.
  • Employees are well trained and understand their responsibilities. Franchisees should be properly trained and fully prepared to open and operate their new franchise
  • Newer employees are coached up which should be the same case for most franchisees.
  • Performance is measured and employees are apprised of their performance. So too should the performance of a franchisee location be measured, bench marked to other franchisees and made aware of their performance. It isn't simply a case of just profits.
  • Franchisees that do a good job operating their franchise should be recognized like the employee that performs well.
  • Finally, an outstanding employee can be promoted while an outstanding franchisee can be given the ability and in some cases the assistance to acquire more territory or another franchise. 
In many ways, there are strong similarities between successful organizations and the top franchise companies.
 How does your franchise organization compare?
Posted on December 6, 2015 at 8:02 PM
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