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Franchise Facts and Figures: Trademark Value
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Franchisors and their franchisees must remain diligent in protecting the franchise trademark.The foundation of a franchise system ranging from the smallest to the largest franchises is the trademark. A franchise investment is rooted in the right of a franchisee to license the use of the franchise trademark. The activities that a franchisor and its franchisees are involved in have as the basis the promotion, recognition and protection of the franchise trademark. If a franchisor doesn't properly register its trademark or fails to properly control its use then the franchisor faces exposure from the franchisees who have invested in the franchise. A franchisor trademark holder may sue a domain name holder without trademark rights.  If the domain name system is not a corollary to the trademark system, a domain name registrant need not have a corresponding trademark in order to have a legitimate right to the name.  For example, the entity reserved the domain name years before the franchisor attempted to register the name. Click here to download a copy

Posted on September 30, 2015 at 11:52 AM
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